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Heavenly Safaris With You

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

For my Addie. . .

I was staring at you just the other day,

when a lovely mind's image came my way.

You were in Heaven, and I was there too,

smiling and laughing, as so often we do.

The same two people, but in new, perfected bodies,

sharing sweet, blissful moments on Heavenly safaris.

Up close with the leopards, the tigers, and the cheetahs,

authentically knowing what school books had taught us.

The gorgeous fur of the leopard, the fierce teeth of the tiger,

lightning speed of the cheetah, there's no animal quite like her.

The lion, of course, his kingly roar, his glorious mane,

so content in his roaming that majestic Heavenly plain,

And bursting with delight, no earth's tears we'll recall,

sweet Jesus hanging with us too, that's the best part of all!

Yes, with no doubt did I know, gazing at your angelic face,

fun safaris will so be a part of that forever joyful place.

With love,

Mrs. Sherry

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