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About Me

I am Sherry Coyle, a 55 year-old Christ-follower. I've been married to Darin for more than 30 years, and I'm a mother to three grown children-Alex, Ashlee and Luke.

And I love God's Word.

Those closest to me know that the quiet darkness of the early morning is my favorite time of day. Bible spread out on lap, steaming coffee and ink pen in hand, and clean journal page dated, I meet with my Heavenly Father. Frequently in need of his counsel, often his comfort, and time and again his loving parental correction. 

Many mornings, in need of all three. 

From these meetings, God inspires me to write. Thus, the creation of this space.

My sincere prayer is that my words might help the reader to hear God's voice and, most importantly to me, be inspired to live this earthly life "at home in the promised land."  

For a sojourner, there's just no other home to be. 

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At Home in the Promised Land

(Reflections on Hebrews 11:8)

Morning by morning, day after day, through the changing seasons of life, we make our “home in the promised land” of God’s holy, true Word.


It’s the place we let our hair down, the place where there’s no pretense, no fronts, no keeping it all together.

A place that’s real. And raw. And revealing.

A place of tears and sorrows, but also laughter and joy.

Abundant, oft’ unspeakable, joy.

After all, it’s home.


It’s our blazing hearth and much-needed warmth during the frigid, blistering winds of life.

A place of solitude, calm and quiet that shuts out the clamoring noises competing for an audience of one.

It’s our counsel, our correction, our comfort.

The sacred place where the Trinity at work is so masterfully authenticated.

So beautifully showcased.


It’s Home.

In the Land of Promise. . .of Hope. . .of Longing.

The only home a “stranger in a foreign land” is truly at peace, and rest.


The earthly dwelling our good, sweet Father so wisely provided, as we pilgrimage to our Forever Home.

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