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Such A Time

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

“. . .for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)

Sometimes, it’s a moment.

Sometimes, a season.

A time when God has already orchestrated details in and surrounding our life in such a specifically targeted manner that manifests His magnificent character.

A sovereign, sanctified time when God’s high, holy purpose is unveiled as a much broader, much grander picture than what we initially had concluded that moment or period of time to be.

But, as with anything Kingdom-related, there are tempting impediments that threaten to thwart the mission of the hour. In the case of Queen Esther, in the book that bears her name, she was tempted greatly by her own internal fear and the undeniable reality of the earthly realm, each vying to overrule the operations of Heaven.

As the story goes, Queen Esther contemplated refusal of the assignment. But, thankfully, when confronted with Mordecai’s wisdom—revealing his unshakable faith as well as an understanding of the potential gravity of a declined assignment of a heavenly dimension—Esther chose courage over cowardice. Faith over fear.

With a resolved and heavenward mindset, she, not knowing the outcome, yet fixed and firm in the critical hour before her, placed the moment and her life in Yahweh's hands.

And the rest is history.

Glorious, God-exalting history.


Has God ever led you to a defining moment or season? Brought you to your own for such a time as this time? Sometimes, such occasions can be monumental. And then other times seemingly minuscule and very day-to-day (though, not really in God's eyes). Regardless of the “bigness” or “smallness,” the temptation to focus on earthly realities is strong, and the fears and what-ifs can be paralyzing. I know. I get it. I’ve been there before and, frankly, have just recently been confronted by another such season.

And I can tell you from personal experience, it always feels risky because it forces trust and stretches faith.

But if we don’t let go and let God in these times—if we don’t take the risk—we forfeit the gift of seeing, up close and personal, our great Creator showcase His profound goodness and glory through us, in a way that speaks volumes to our own heart and the hearts of those He has sovereignly ordained to be impacted by our step of faith, our submissive act of obedience.


If your life has intersected with a such a time juncture. . .if you find yourself today or tomorrow or the next facing an abrupt holy opportunity that will interrupt your comfort and manageable faith, in order to bring Heaven down to earth. . .and if the lies and what-ifs of the hour fight to paralyze action and negate Heaven's purpose in that moment, then I encourage you—no, I lovingly implore you—to just let go and let God.

Relinquish your fears and rebuke the enemy's debilitating deception, and just say yes.

Yes to God's heart. Yes to His goodness. Yes to His grace. Yes to His faithfulness. Yes to His provision, and yes to His promises. Yes to His incredible love. Yes to His impeccable timing. Yes to His matchless wisdom, and yes to His miraculous power.

Yes, yes, yes!

I promise you—I so promise you—that if you will just say yes, God, not you, will make good His holy purposes; you will simply be the conduit, the obedient vessel that He'll use to channel His good will. How beautiful and so very humbling is that?

And through the experience, you will be changed. More unrestricted. More free.

Free to love, to give, to trust, to take risks.

For the good and glory of God's great Kingdom.


Fellow sojourner, through Jesus you've been placed in a royal household.

Positioned to have a continual welcoming audience with the Most High—the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Purposed to make an eternal difference in His Kingdom.

Petitioned to meet the urgency of this critical hour we find ourselves living in.

So. . .

Stop fearing.

Stop hesitating.

Start praying.

Start trusting.

Start doing.

And then. . .

Watch what God will accomplish in you and through you, as only He can.

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