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God's Kindness & A Mind At Ease

Updated: May 4, 2023

I've been lingering in the book of Ruth for the past week during my morning appointments with the Lord. Though I've read this little 4-chapter book many times prior, in a timely, applicable way, the Spirit is using it to speak afresh into a circumstance I'm presently experiencing. Each morning I pick up where I left off the day before, and in the sacred quiet, the Word, assisted by the indwelling Spirit within me, gives the Father's perspective, encouragement, and wisdom.

Oh, how fortunate I am to have the privilege to read God's Word, anytime, anywhere!


As I was making my way through Ruth 2 the other morning, God's holy highlighter ran across a statement that Ruth spoke to Boaz, the Guardian-Redeemer who entered her space and forever changed her life:

"You have put my mind at ease by speaking kindly to your servant" (13).

At that moment, as my mind was heavy with concern, Ruth's statement tremendously resonated with me. I penned the following in my journal:


It's the kindness of God I see, and hear, and feel as I take in

the counsel, correction, and comfort of God's Word.

Through Jesus —the Word made flesh—my blessed Guardian-Redeemer,

God's Holy Book is one long love letter to me, His servant and cherished child.

As I'm enveloped in His sweet, holy presence and as I absorb His life-giving words, it's His goodness and kindness and love I experience, no matter the harshness or hardness of my present-day realities.

And He puts my mind at ease.



During our appointed time on this fractured, sin-assailed planet called Earth, where would we be without the kindness of our Guardian-Redeemer, King Jesus? Where would we be without the redemption He provides, which frees us from Satan's grip, sin's enslavement, and death's finality? Where would we be without the hope His abiding presence bestows, even in the most seemingly hopeless situations? Where would we be without the privilege of a personal relationship with the Savior, the Bread of Life? Where would we be without the filling, and satisfaction, and joy such relationship brings? And where would we be without the inspired pages of inerrant truth our God so kindly and wisely gave us, which reveal the person of Jesus and beautifully unveil the heart of our Heavenly Father?

For certain, the Word's life-infusing, perspective-changing words put our oft' troubled minds at ease. Time and time again!

Oh, praise the name of our great God for giving us His great Word!


Fellow sojourner, if you're not daily reading and meditating upon God's precious Word, my prayer right now at this moment is that my words will inspire you to begin this day. Life, so often, is just too unpredictable and too hard not to. And even in seasons when your days are fairing well, yes, even then, daily absorption of truth is essential.

If you begin this vital habit, I promise you, I so promise you, you will not regret it. Not for a moment.

And your mind—which if it's like mine is often prone to wander and worry—will experience the hope and the peace of a mind that's at ease.

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