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Devotion, Decree & Deliverance

For bold Joshua, and all others like him, for such a time as this. . .

The lions, so fierce and so powerful,

on that dreadful day of fate,

Daniel was condemned, found guilty,

by ones consumed with hate.

Decided by a mob's methodology,

who had schemed for his demise,

this bold servant who followed Yaweh,

knew dedication came with such price.

And the living God, whose established, true laws,

neither obeyed nor understood,

allowed the day to so unfold,

as the men so thought that it should.

Then when the great stone, in place was so rolled,

to seal shut the lion's den,

the situation, not to be altered,

sin's depravity seemed to win.

Yet this true servant, resolute, so trusting,

in the One who will endure,

the One who is all-powerful,

in the heavens and this world.

The One it is whose heavenly kingdom,

will not destruct or come to an end,

who rescues, who saves, undoubtedly,

faithful saints who live for Him.

So, on the morrow, the king he did hurry,

not having slept from anguished heart,

to check on the one named Daniel,

whose each day with prayer did start.

And though the lions, so vicious, so hungry,

should have crushed this prey of prayer,

faith-filled Daniel was found unwounded,

not even harming or hurting of hair.

Then an answer, with clarity, Daniel replied,

to the King, yes, truly concerned,

an angel his God had so sent him,

for his innocence He surely affirmed.

And now, at this moment, so sovereign,

a word for this day, please servant, do hear:

As humanity's sin plummets deeper downward,

holy live life, with two prayer-postured ears.

And if perchance comes, a den of dark silence,

due to Sin's mocking and brazen decrees,

a sure deliverance, I know, God will send you,

when devotion you live, set firm on your knees.

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