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Luke 7:11-17

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

The grief was so palpable,
in Nain that painful day,
Death was boldly mocking,
no more prayers left to pray.

But. . . Jesus showed up,
he saw the mother's eyes,
His heart was tenderly stirred,
his calm words spoke, “Don't cry."

Then to the cold, dead son,
the Savior did steadily walk,
His loving hand touched the bier,
the shocked bearers had to halt.

His sure words to the boy,
observed by those so near,
"Young man, I say. . .'Get up!'"
were so very firm, so very clear.

Then overwhelmed by Jesus' presence,
overcome by His unstoppable power,
The dead son raised to life,
to Jesus Death did cower.

And given back to his mother,
was this "only son,"
By the Only Son of the Father,
Israel's Glory, the Promised One.

Then the crowd was "filled with awe,"
and all to God gave praise,
"God has come to help his people,"
evidenced by the dead He did raise.

And this is who Jesus still is,
and this is what Jesus still does,
He gives mothers back their dead,
it‘s what God's written Word says.

So, burdened mother, don't give up,
sweet Jesus sees your tears,
Your grief He always feels,
your prayers He always hears.

At just the ordained moment,
though all might now seem lost,
He will bring life into death,
since on the cross He paid the cost.

To your dear son he will speak,
your precious daughter he will touch,
Keep believing it to be true,
though your suffering seems too much.

And though the praise within feels lost,
and though Doubt demands its due,
God's true Word you must keep trusting,
for death He resurrects, and life makes new.


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