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"Have No More". . .A Place of Miracles

"When the wine was gone, Jesus' mother said to him, 'They have no more wine.'"

(John 2:3, italics added)

In Jesus' inaugural public miracle, in which He turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana, the recorded scene in John 2 begins with a "have no more" reality, a situation that had Jesus not intervened would have fueled regret, embarrassment, and even shame. In this ancient Jewish culture that highly valued hospitality and celebrations, running out of wine to serve honored guests would have greatly distressed any host of such an event. So, Jesus' mother, understanding exactly who He was, brought the crisis to the only one who could take the "no more" and turn the situation around, even providing “the best” as an outcome.

In the documented details of this provisional miracle, there's a great takeaway for a follower of Jesus.


Whatever it is that once was but is no more—whether our doing, another's doing, or a combination of factors and influencers—Satan desires to capitalize on it in such a way that incites regret, embarrassment, and shame for God's child. The enemy wants to use our "have no more" to his advantage. Whether it's no more marriage, job, ministry, purpose, stable home, God-reverencing child, financial stability, peace of mind, healthy body, close friendship, position of influence, admirable reputation, or some other "no more," one of the enemy's favorite games is his game of "no more."

Even so, the much-needed miracle at this celebratory gathering proves that in the hands of Jesus, our no more can become the very place, just the exact scenario in which Jesus' compassion and provision are experienced most intimately and authentically.

What was the turning point at the wedding of Cana? It was when Jesus was asked to be involved. And it's the same for all God's children. But, as evidenced by the details of this miracle, we must position ourselves as servants, giving attention to our Lord's directives. Then we must "do whatever he [says] to do."

Trust in Jesus, focus on Jesus, and obedience to Jesus are core requirements.


When we keep our attention fixed on Jesus and participate in His plan to do what He alone can do, He becomes the divine resource of replenishment and restoration within the empty vessels of our lives. Through filling ourselves to "the brim" with the life-giving water of His Word and reminders of His abiding presence, He consumes us with Himself—His love, joy, goodness, and grace—despite our no more.

He settles our unsettled minds, satisfies our deepest desires, and supplies our every need. And life goes on.

Then one day, we'll look back on it all and realize even more that He provided “the best" of Himself as a replacement for what was gone, and He stopped Satan from using our "have no more" to his ill-purposed advantage.

Our very own miracle of Cana by which "he revealed his glory."

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