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Did God Really Say?

Updated: Apr 26

When we consider the inaugural sin of humanity in the Garden of Eden, the serpent's set up

began with a question:

"Did God really say. . ." (Genesis 3:1)?

It should be no surprise that "the father of lies," whose native tongue, according to Jesus, is deceit (John 8:44), would tempt Eve by bringing into question what God had clearly spoken.

Sin, in any form, is a venomous, lying assault

against God's declared Truth.


If we, whether tempted by delay, fatigue, discouragement, distractions, fear, or a downright rebellious heart, start doubting God's declared words, unsure that He is who he says He is or that He will do what He's clearly promised, then we—yes, even dedicated disciples who regularly read God's Word and commune with Him—will have been duped by deception, Satan's go-to and time-proven strategy in his war against God's Kingdom.

And deception is a weak foundation from which a Christian soldier—an advancer of the Kingdom of Truth—cannot do battle with the highest level of effectiveness; actually, with any level of eternal effectiveness.


Whether we live our days attentive or inattentive to the fact that we're in a battle this side of Heaven, the reality is certain: We're in a battle.

Therefore, it's imperative that when it comes to believing the fulfillment of the Word within the life moments that make up our soldier's sojourn, we willfully choose decisiveness over doubt, clarity over confusion, faith over floundering.

Because such continuous decisions advance the objectives of the battle, and effect victory.

But more importantly. . .our Commander in Chief is absolutely worthy of nothing less.

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