A Monumental Moment of Confrontation, Confession & Commitment

Updated: Nov 5

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord. . .” (Isaiah 6:8)

Isaiah’s “then” came after his sin was dealt with.

When the confrontation occurred and the confession resulted, then—and only then—did Isaiah hear the voice of the Lord. Then—and only then—followed the sincere words:

Here I am, send me.

God is not asking for perfect servant vessels. Only his Son was that. But what he does desire and require are servant vessels that are humble enough and broken enough to say “woe is me” in an authentic acknowledgement of personal sin. It’s only then that the voice of the Lord is clearly heard because unconfessed sin—even a lax disposition regarding God’s holy authority—diminishes the audibility of the Lord’s personal messages in our lives.

Sometimes, it takes an encounter of a “woe is me” monumental moment to get us in true listening mode.


God knows exactly what to use in our lives and when to use it to confront us with the greatness of his holiness and the greatness of his glory, just as he did with Isaiah. He knows exactly the circumstances needed to humble us toward confession and commitment—circumstances that prompt us to see with crisp spiritual sight, so that we might fulfill the purposes he’s individually determined for each of us, in his perfect wisdom and perfect sovereignty.

The only right reaction, the only right response that will bring about fulfillment of his righteous, good plans in our personal life, is an Isaiah-one.

Authentic humility and brokenness.

Which leads to restoration.

And results in obedience.

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