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A Christmas Morning Journal

Updated: May 11

Sitting here in the warmth of this home, while frigid temperatures overwhelm outside.

It’s Christmas morning. God’s precious Word is open on my lap. The fireplace is glowing. Tree brightly lit.

Blanket is so cozy, and coffee hot.


Darin got up earlier than I did, and right now he’s watching a new favorite show, The Repair Shop. Ordinary people bring cherished antiques to the experts, the miracle makers who precisely and painstakingly restore them to beauty and former glory.

This is why Jesus came to Earth. Why He left Heaven’s majesty to be born a helpless baby in this groaning, messed-up world.

Why He lived and died, subjected to the physical realities of a human body.


We’re all tarnished. Broken. Damaged beyond repair.

Yet, God knew our value. Knew our worth. Despite our hopeless condition, we mattered to Him. And He knew that through the sacrifice of Jesus, we could be repaired and made whole. But not restored to a former, beautiful self. Made brand new.

An entirely new treasured possession.

So, God sent His Son, the only craftsman and repairman who could do the job. The carpenter son of a carpenter.

He was laid in a manger, He lived a short time, and then He lay down His life for all.

With heavenly precision and horrific pain, His outstretched hands willingly surrendered to the Father's loving, perfect plan of Calvary's Cross.

This is why there’s Christmas. My heart is so full.


Jesus, thank you!

Thank you for coming to this world.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

Thank you for making me new.

Father, thank you!

Thank you for sending your Only Son.

Thank you for your infinite wisdom and mercy, amazing grace and forgiveness.

Holy Spirit, thank you!

Thank you for bringing the life and death of Christ into mine.

Thank you that as I live in this irreparable, hopeless world, through your indwelling and empowerment, I can live life new. And whole. And purposeful.

A beautiful reality.

A most undeserved blessing.

To God be the Glory!

Great things He has done!

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