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At Home in the Promised Land

Updated: Jan 18

"By faith he made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country. . ." (Hebrews 11:9; italics mine)

Morning by morning, day after day, through the changing seasons of life, we make our “home in the promised land” of God’s true Holy Word.

It’s the place we let our hair down, the place where there’s no pretense, no fronts, no keeping it all together.

A place that’s real. And raw. And revealing.

A place of tears and sorrows, but also laughter and joy.

Abundant, oft’ indescribable joy.

After all, it’s home.

It’s our blazing hearth and much-needed warmth during the frigid, blistering winds of life.

A place of solitude, calm, and quiet that shuts out life's clamoring noises competing for a mental audience of one.

It’s our counsel, our correction, our comfort.

The sacred place where the Trinity at work is so masterfully authenticated. So beautifully showcased.

It’s home.

In the land of promise, hope, longing.

The only home a stranger in a foreign land is truly at peace, authentically at rest.

The earthly dwelling our good, loving Father so wisely provided as we sojourn to our Forever Home.

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1 Comment

There is no place like home.....this Holy Spirit inspired writing has reached to the very deepest part of my soul and my being relating in a way that quite frankly just goes beyond words into groaning's that only our intercessor can understand and communicate on our behalf. Sherry, my dear sister in love, thank you for this gift of inspired thought put down in words so powerfully spoken. "This world is not my home I'm just a passin' through".....Never more at home are we than in His Holy word. May he prosper these writings into the hearts of multitudes who will be encouraged, inspired and know they are loved by a sojourner so solidly planted in her faith. Can't …

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